Patricia Hope Scanlan

'Nature is the Hardest Thing of All  or  Not Made in China'

48 pages  original paperback first published  15.12.2020     £7.50 UK  €8.20 Euro-zone


'Patricia Hope Scanlan is one of the few poets I read as unquestionably the real thing. A book of outstanding virtuoso originality, scored with searingly memorable imagery, and a predilection always for the odd detail as the right one. This new collection finds her at her optimal pitch in processing the unflinchingly personal into relationship with the reader. It's her facility to worry the poem into unfolding and equally into moments of great beauty that places the achievements here on the tipping point of perfection.

Outstanding for me is 'Love Poem for Geraldine,' a brilliantly ingrained study in which we receive not only 'the all in one of you,' physically, but also the psychic reality of the poet's empathy to reconstruct character through love.'

                      Jeremy Reed,  2020