Peter De Ville

Born 1945  died 27.11.2019


Open Eye  (poetry)   64 pages    ISBN No. 0-907155-51-0

13 digit ISBN = 9780907155515

First published 2003  as an Original Paperback.

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€7.00  Euro-zone


Taking the pH    (poetry)   64 pages  ISBN No. 978-0-907155-64-5

First published  2009  as an Original Paperback

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€7.00 Eurozone


Peter De Ville is British, despite the name. He started a career as an industrial chemist but decided to break and take a degree in English. He has worked as a lecturer and translator in Italy. He also writes short stories, articles, plays, has completed a novel and had poetry published in a wide variety of magazines.


FESTA DEL PAESE  (Extract from page 9 of 'Taking the pH')


Luisq, pinch-face, pecks at figs,

Her son's guitar is humming with a stroke.

Gino, 'Il telefonino,'  rings his girlfriend thrice.


Someone's spilt the vino in the salad.

But Silvia still chips and grates the Parmesan.

She trembles with a Neapolitan song.


Anna dances with a smoking boy

and rocks her breasts. Her husband

Green-shirt, shouts for Arabs out.


There's the lady from Lerici, but she's sad.

She has beautiful gold links that mould

the wrinkles of her neck. She sips a syruped pear.


Will the storm hold off? The parroco says no.

The tressle tables lift their skirts.

The chirichetti scamper after flying plates.


The bonfire roaring with olive trunks is a beacon.

Enzo, tipsy, christens it with grappa.

Giulio strips and flashes through the flames.


A cold sweat falls from the hills. Light drains.

The valley closes like a purse. But Enzo laughs

and leads the snake-eyed cars down to the shimmering town.

Doyle, Brent

  • 'In the time it takes'

ISBN 0-907155-26-X    48 pages

13 digit ISBN = 9780907155249

First published 1990  (Poetry)

Original paperback

£5.40   Sterling

€ 6.50  Euro-Zone




Doyle,  Hugh


'A Persistence Of Questions'    

ISBN No. 9780907155706

To be published on 14.07.2017

Original paperback   (poetry)

£6.00   UK    (64 pages)

€8.20  Euro-zone


Ellson, Peter



First published  1978

ISBN  0-9505956-2-4   90 pages

13 digit ISBN = 9780950595627

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ISBN  0-9505956-3-2   90 pages

13 digit ISBN = 9780950595634 

£3.60   Sterling    Paperback

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First published 1983    (Poetry).

ISBN  0-907155-06-5    112 pages

13 digit ISBN = 9780907155065

Original paperback.

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€ 4.40  Euro-Zone


Galvin, Margaret

'Miresuck & Slaver'

ISBN  0-907155-21-9   62 pages

13 digit ISBN = 9780907155218

(Poetry)  First published 1989.

Original paperback

£5.40  Sterling

€ 6.50  Euro-Zone


'Habitual Keeper.'

ISBN  0-907155-30-8   92 pages

13 digit ISBN = 9780907155300

(Poetry).  First published 1993.

Original paperback

£7.50   Sterling

€ 9.20  Euro-Zone


Green, Martin

Born 10.07.1932  -  died 4.02.2015

(His obituary can be consulted on

web-site of the Guardian Newspaper).


'An Englishman looks at his passport'.

ISBN  0-907155-2-6X  76 pages

13 digit ISBN = 9780907155263

(Poetry).  First published  1991.

Original paperback

£6.60   Sterling

€ 8.00  Euro-Zone


'Icarus and Other Poems'.

ISBN  978-0-907155-65-2    96 pages

(Poetry).  First published 2009.

Original paperback

£9.00     Sterling

€ 10.50  Euro-Zone