Poetry books 2019-20




Forthcoming books:


Publication date: 11.11.2019.    'Falling Leaves'

poems by  Edward Rogers  77 pages  £8.60 UK

original paperback ISBN 9780907155737


Publication date:  22.02.2020.  'Catching Dragons'

poems by Peter De Ville   63 pages  £8.00 UK

original paperback  ISBN 9780907155744



From the 1st December 2018 we are bringing in charges for the first time. They will be as follows:

UK    £4.00 per book

EU    €5.00 per book

USA  $5.00 per book

TUBA PRESS Current Policy 1.08.2019

At the present time all our back list is still available. However in the future we are only publishing poetry. Our preference is for unpublished poets, regardless of age; from those still at school to those who have retired. Work for consideration should preferably be sent by email to us at <tubapoetry@icloud.com>.