TUBA PRESS Current Policy 1.7.2021

At the present time most of our back list is still available. However in the future we are mainly publishing poetry. Our preference is for unpublished poets, regardless of age; from those still at school to those who have retired. Work for consideration should preferably be sent by email to us at  <tubapress11@gmail.com>   or <tubapoetry@icloud.com>.  

About Tuba Press

Charles Graham, who created, edited, and funded, both Tuba Magazine and Tuba Records, before becoming a founding Partner in Tuba Press in 1977, has decided to no longer be a Partner; but will continue to offer advice and give assistance. Accordingly our address has now moved to that of Margaret Hannigan Popp, in Wales, as shown on page one.




From the 1st December 2018 we are bringing in charges for the first time. They will be as follows:

UK    £4.00 per book

EU    €5.00 per book

USA  $5.00 per book


We suggest viewing books published by Tuba Press at the National Poetry Library situated in the Royal Festival Hall,  London (close to either Charing Cross or Waterloo Stations).

Other considerable collections are situated in the town of Morpeth, Northumberland; in Cardiff, South Wales; and the Edinburgh Poetry Library is at 5 Crichton's Close, Canongate, Edinburgh 8DT,  Scotland.